What Different Between PUBG Mobile & Emulator- Which is Better

What Different Between PUBG Mobile & Emulator- Which is Better

February 11, 2019 0 By admin

Here i share with you answer of this question What different between PUBG Mobile and Emulator also which is better?

People are confused between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Emulator, which is better form it. Don’t worry game lovers, here the real answer of this question. Pubg is one of the most playing game in this time, because mostly people are addicted with this game. It is really very enjoyable game.

Because in which many interesting features are added by the creator. In which you can connected with friends, family member infect with world. This game is mostly playing by child or adults, according to source many people are addicted for this game. You know if you use more then more any thing it is harmful.

Therefore guys we suggest you can play this game for only fun. Let back to the topic, if you want know which is better option between Mobile or PC mode. If you want experience big screen so emulator for you, but if you want comfort so mobile version for you.

Don’t worry guys’s here the discuss all advantage or disadvantage of PUBG mobile and emulator. Read the article and gain the full information of which is better option for you. Below the brief detail


pubg mobile image

Pubg mobile is one of the most highly playing game by the people, because it is comfort or enjoying option. In which you can connected with friends, family infect all over world through Facebook or email. Because this game is start with FB or email account. Therefore guys is it one of the best source where you connect to world.

If your friend are resisted in PUBG game, then you can send invitation or request for playing PUBG game. Then you can play with and enjoy this facility. You can play in solo (single), Duo (Dual), Squad mode, mostly people are prefer dual or Squad mode, because in which you can speak with friend in live.

This feature is more interesting why mostly people are plying this game. If you are play the solo mode then your ranking is most fastly increase. This game is playing live with help of server.

Mobile PUBG is better option for comfort and enjoyable, below we are discuss of Advantage and Disadvantage of PUBG mobile game.


  • Mobile version is comfort zone
  • It is play anywhere
  • Use the all specification of PUBG mobile
  • Mind is more alert


  • Battery Consumption is more
  • Mobile hang issue (Depend on specification)
  • Controlling system is complicated


pubg emulator pc image

Let me discuss the Emulator version, first we see the what is emulator, if you want playing any game in pc version the we use the emulator. This is very interesting service for the computer. Therefore game lover are used the PUBG emulator for big screen experience. Although, PUBG is available in PC mode, but is it paid version.

While people want free, therefore, Tencent was launched the emulator, who create the PUBG game. But we are suggest you can use the paid version of PC PUBG because in which many other option are available. You know market in which many emulator are available, infect we are also discuss top ten best PUBG Emulator for PC or Macbook.

Let back to the topic, if PUBG emulator is good, yes defiantly is it good. Because if you want big screen PUBG mode in free then it is help you. PUBG PC in which you can use the full high ultra mode, it is very nice and high graphical game.

Now we are discuss the all advantages or disadvantages of PUBG Emulator. Below the all option which is better experience for you tell us below comment.


  • Enjoy the big screen
  • Controlling system is easy
  • Enjoy the Ultra mode graphic option (Depend on specification)
  • Alertness is liable


  • It is not play anywhere
  • Not connected with PUBG Mobile (Difficult Probability)
  • Not Play in Tournament

Final Contribution of Topic- PUBG Mobile vs PUBG PC Emulator

We hope you are satisfy with this answer, mainly these are types different, not many other differ from between. Because you know emulator is expressed the file in computer version. This is depend on the people mind where you can play this game. If you want big experience so definitely you go with emulator.

But if you want comfort then you go with Mobile. But guys this is totally depend on you or you mobile and pc specification. If you want better experience so that is most important of increase your mobile and pc specification. And enjoy the all ultra graphic PUBG.

End of the topic, i say give advice guys, only enjoy this game not is it play fr addiction. Enjoy the PUBG Game Thanks!! If your any question below comment!