Tips by Pro How to Survive Long in Pubg Zombie Mode- Win Chicken Dinner

Tips by Pro How to Survive Long in Pubg Zombie Mode- Win Chicken Dinner

February 21, 2019 0 By admin

Pubg Zombie Mode Longer Survive Tips By Pro Players:- Hello Beginner or intermediate of Pubg Zombie mode player, today i’m going to share with you some best and highly pro pubg player tips for Pubg Zombie stage. They are tell us how to survive Pubg Zombie mode in mobile and pc. If you are a desktop player doesn’t matter.

You know many Pubg pro player like Shroud, Daynamogaming and more other are professional players. They all are tells us what the tricks and tips to survive longer or endgame and win the chicken dinner.

Follow these ultimate surviving guide and stay the longer in game and win it. You know Pubg Mobile Zombie mode called “Survive Till Dawn”. Below we are all discuss facts about this mode.

And also we are tell some few new guns who help to kill the Zombies, if you want know this trick so read the full article carefully and grab the all guide of how to survive in Pubg Zombie mode and also with tips and tricks. So now time to discuss the interesting topic in brief and also share the ticks of pro player, who guide beginner and medium player of pubg. Lets Start…

Pro Tips:- How To Survive Pubg Zombie Mode For Mobile & PC Player

survive tips for pubg zombies

First of all i highlight the some tips who follow the pro, i grab these tips and tricks then share with you, and it is definitely work. Implement it and then you see your game will be change and you survive longer then previous.

  • Landing on Save Place
  • Always Near To Vehicle
  • Carry Shotgun
  • Carry Healthy Kit Always
  • Always Move With Team
  • Mostly Collect Ammo
  • Always Shoot on Head
  • Not Shoot Zombies in Day
  • Never Hide on House (Night)
  • Use Zombie Bomb
  • First Kill Zombie Bosses
  • Always Move
  • Notice The Zombie Behavior
  • Don’t Waste Ammo

Special Weapons Use To Kill Zombie

  • Zombie Bomb:- This is the new material add in the Pubg game, it is very highly damageable bomb for zombies. If you use on them then you can kill fast zombies bosses. It is very help to survive in zombie mode. 
  • Zombie Vaccine:- It is new stuff add in PUBG game, it is very useful, when zombies attack to you and are you in damage mode, then you can use it will help you to restore your health quickly.
  • Shotgun:- This is not new gun, but it is very powerful to kill zombies. Because you know shotgun have highly damaged power, therefore pro player are always use it.

These are some highlights steps, who can use it and survive very longer or endgame and probability win the chicken dinner. Because you other player also want it, therefore guys play the game very careful and always in alert form. So guys now have time to discuss the all highlights point in brief.

Landing on Save Place in Any Map:- The landing is one of the most important step for Pubg game, because if you land wrong place then you not survive longer, cause of you have not gun, so definitely you loss early. Therefore always land on building, houses, it will help you get your hands on guns fast and also some more other stuffs. This is the first trick and step taken by the pro player.

Always Near To Vehicle:- This is the second step by pro player, because vehicle is most important role performed in surviving. Therefore always use the cars, jeep and then you will go any where. Because it is very help to save from zombies, you can park very smartly to out door of building. When you can use zombies are attach to you then you can run away soon as possible.

Carry Shotgun:- The Third step take pro player, they always take shotgun, because shotgun have a higher damage rate. It is always work when you can kill fastly zombies. You can take 7.62mm compatible gun to kiss the zombies. Therefore guys when you gone in night mode then always carry the one shotgun.

Carry Always Health kit or materials:- Health is one of the important and useful stuff in pubg game. If you have not health kit or other stuff, you have not survive longer in zombie mode. Therefore guys take always more and more health kit, painkiller, booster and injections.

Always Move With Teams:- This is the most important important technique, if you want to survive long and win chicken dinner. So always move with friends or new with them. Never go alone far from team, because your killing probability is increase, cause of your not any team mate available who revive to you. Therefore very go away to team.

Mostly Collect Ammo More or More:- Ammo is one of the important stuff for you, always take more ammo, because you have less ammo then you will not survive more in zombie mode.

Always Shoot on Head Of Zombies:- This technique is always work, and professional player are always take advantage from this technique. Therefore guys always shoot on head (head shot), only one bullet to kill the zombies, but it is depend on gun power.

pubg zombie mode day time

Not Shoot Zombies on Day:- This is secret trick, because when you shoot the zombies in day, probability more zombies to attack to you. Therefore never shoot the zombies in day.

Never Hide in House During Night:- This is also secret tips by pro, because when you hide in house during night mode, is zombies has definitely come in house and also more zombies to come in house.

Use Zombie Bomb to kill Zombies:- Zombie Bomb is add new stiff in PUBG game. It will help you to kill the zombie, because when you use it then you see clearly head and you can shoot on it and kill them. But when you use it stay away from, and shoot on head.

First Kill Zombies Bosses:- It is also secret tip for you by pro player, when you kill the boss then you can relax form them, because they are also very dangerous and highly use the bullet when you use on them. Therefore take always more or more bullets.

Notice the Zombie Behavior:- This technique is also very useful, because when you understand of the behavior, you can easily kill them, because night mode in which they are fast and also run faster. Therefore understand more or more reaction, if you notice it below comment.

Don’t Waste Ammo:- Always collect more or more ammo, because it is help to kill the enemies, but will so many zombies around, then chance of ammo is less for them. Therefore keep up the more bullets on bag.

By Pro Player- How To Kill Big Zombies And Bosses

pubg zombie mode kill tips to tyrant

As you know Big Zombies, tyrant bosses always take more ammo to kills, but if you take high caliber guns like shot gun then definitely you can kill to fast them. According to many pro player always use shotgun or high caliber rifle. Below some tips see it.

  • Always take high caliber gun and also take more ammo like- Shotgun.
  • Always shoot on head.
  • And always attack from the back.
  • Use grenades to cause of highly damage.
  • And also use Smoke grenade to kill the zombies bosses. Because this technique give to more time to kill them.

Note:- If you want know PUBG Zombie Mode All New Features or update read the article in one minute.

How to Download or Update Pubg Zombie Mode- Android/iOS- Window-Mac-book

how to kill zombie in pubg

If you are not update and download Pubg new edition game, then it is for you. Pubg Mobile Zombie mode is available for both Android and iOS. If you are emulator user, so you can also update this game. Follow these some steps to install zombies mode on you smartphone and PC.

Note:- If you want know what different between PUBG Mobile and PUBG it and know better about it.

Android Users

  • The PUBG Game update version available on google play store.
  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search PUBG Game.
  • Then you see update or install.
  • Click on it.
  • Then your game is update(when your existed user or but if you are new then download and install it).
  • Take some few time for installation.

Window/ Mackbook Users

  • As you know window or mackbook user are use the emulator for play the PUBG game.
  • Open the emulator search bar.
  • However, emulator is aromatically update option provide when you start the game.
  • Click on update

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iOS Users

  • iOS users open Apple App Store
  • Search PUBG Mobile Game
  • Click on Update (Then your game is update(when your existed user or but if you are new then download and install it).

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